Our Story

KemNu is a social platform that enables people within the community to connect with each other over fun and exciting activities. KemNu helps people overcome emotional challenges by helping them engage in group activities and improve mental and physical health.

It all started when our founders Viraj Patel and Vishwa Mudigonda stumbled upon each other at a party. They were discussing their projects and their previous startup experiences. Both Viraj and Vishwa had gone through failed startups and were sharing what they had learned. One discussion led to another, and they got on the topic of college students who don't socialize. They took a look around the room and noticed that almost all of the other students were on their smartphones. What's the point of having a party when no one is engaged? Both came up with the same idea: to find a way to enable group engagement and participation in fun activities. That idea was the birth of KemNu.

KemNu now helps over 150 people stay connected. We hope to continue to grow and connect even more people with time!

Discover. Connect. Enjoy.